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Materials in English

English language materials.

1. Beginner's Guide

The structure of the project, the structure of your account. Everything you need to know before you start.

2. Basic Functions

Functions of MenuBuilderBot that are available to everyone initially. Everything you need to create your first bot.

3. Advertisement Market

Advertisement Market is the platform designed to provide advertisers with easy access to millions ( ! ) users of bots that alre...

4. Help on Menu Sections

Help materials for @MenuBuilderBot constructor menu sections.

5. Functions Manuals

@MenuBuilderBot Constructor Help Materials.

6. Tutorials

Creating functional elements and reveal its capabilities. Ideas and steps for creating typical blocks of functionality, using o...

7. Life-Hacks

Life-Hack - involves the use of existing functionality in non-obvious and rather ingenious ways, creating functions in your bot...

8. Glossary

The most common terms and their definitions used in the MenuBuilderBot project.

9. Frequent Questions

Frequently asked questions are not always directly related to the constructor itself.

10. Shop

All the information you need to create your own Shop in Telegram.