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Advertisement Market: Admin Guide (How to receive advert)

This manual, to a greater extent, is intended for admins who want to activate and configure the work of Advertisement Market in their bots created using @MenuBuilderBot constructor, however, in our opinion, familiarization with this document will not be superfluous for both the regular user and the advertising customer.

The @MenuBuilderBot administration, in the future, reserves the right to change advertising prices, interest and reward ratios with mandatory prior notice to all parties participating in the program via our head bot @MenuBuilderBot.

Distribution of advertising in bots and payments to admins

In order to protect advertisers from unscrupulous admins who is filling up their bots with dead or robots multi-accounts, only admins of bots with more than 500 subscribers can receive advertisements in their bots.

Admin remuneration (Reward)

@MenuBuilderBot is neither an advertiser nor a bot owner and provides only a service its self. Therefore, a large part of the reward of the order is going to the admins of the bots that have received the advertisement. At the moment, Admins will always receive 75% (fixed percentage) of the cost of the advertising order that was sent to the users of his bot.

As soon as Mailing is complete, reward will be added immediately to the account of the bot's owner. Thus, the administrator can be confident in the transparency of the system and the timeliness of payment for advertisement send in his boat. Messages send - the reward is received. The amount of reward will always correspond to the number of messages, out of the particular order, that were actually sent to this bot, taking into account parameters of the order and the cost of each message, in this particular distribution.

The reward is credited AFTER the COMPLETION of mailing to your bot - when the number of messages sent to your users is already known for sure.

Example. Bot with captcha, 10,000 users, 1,000 of them active.
Order1. Captcha bots and mailing to active users only (cost 0.75USD / 1000). 1000 messages will be sent to the bot, the reward for the order will be 0.5625USD (0.75 * 1 * 0.75).
Order2. Bots with captcha, sending to all users (cost 0.60USD / 1000). 9000 messages will be sent to the bot, the reward for the order will be 4.05USD (0.60 * 9 * 0.75).

Due to the large number of conditions and restrictions in the system, it should be understood that there is a possibility of the situation when Order 2 being executed first (sending advertising messages to all bot users) leaving no “free” users for Order 1. This situation is not controlled in any way and will depend solely on a combination of circumstances. The only way bot administrator can regulate it, is by eliminating “cheaper” orders by setting the appropriate bot parameters (see below the section «Minimum order price»).

Number of posts per day

Each bot administrator in @MenuBuilderBot is free to send as many messages to his users (in his personal bot) as he pleases.

However, a large number of advertising mailings lowers the value of each of them, and the exorbitant number of messages negate the meaning of the idea itself. Thus, bots administrators who plan to participate in the «Advertisement Market» should understand the reasons why they should impose on their bots additional restrictions on the number of messages they can send to their subscribers. Administrators and their bots participating in the «Advertisement Market», begin to bear obligations to advertisers. In this case, for the quality of the bots presented for advertising mailing.

By including a bot in the «Advertisement Market» program, the bot administrator agrees that the system will calculate and limit the number of messages sent to users by this bot per day. Each administrator will have to assign the maximum number of messages that can be sent by the bot: between 1 and 10.

In accordance with this number, the cost of advertising in this bot will be defined (see above the «Number of posts per day» section). The more posts is set - the more advertising messages can come, but the less will be the cost of each of them.

For more details on the setting of this parameter, see below (section «Bots Settings for Administrators»).

Minimum order price

The basic price of the advertising message will be determined by taking into account bot's enabled features and the parameters configured by the administrator.

Example 1. A bot with captcha and 1 message per day. The basic price is 0.60USD / 1000 messages.
Example 2. A bot without captcha and with 5 messages per day. The basic price is 0.12USD / 1000 posts.

In the system, only orders that strictly correspond to the parameters of the bot will be sent to this bot.

In example 1, orders with 2 or more messages per day (price 0.57USD and less), orders without captcha (from 0.30USD and below) and so on, will not arrive. At the same time, orders for active users can come to the bot, the price of such orders (for the examples above) will be 0.75USD and 0.24USD / 1000 messages, respectively.

Thus, the more features and the stricter the settings in the bot, the more expensive advertising will be. However, at the same time, there will be a smaller number of advertising messages that meet these criteria.

In order for a bot administrator to have more advertising at a high advertising base and strict settings, he can manually reduce the cost of advertising in his bot.

In order to do this, the bot administrator can either raise the price threshold of orders or lower it by setting the “minimum order price” parameter. For example, if the main price of a bot is 0.60USD, but the administrator is fine with orders of a value down to 0.30USD / 1000 messages, he can set a threshold equal to 0.30USD.

Setting a threshold does not mean that the administrator will always receive only minimal amount of reward! Administrator always gets 75% of the order value. If a more expensive order arrives (for example, 0.75USD) - 75% of this amount will be. If a cheaper order arrives (for example, 0.30USD) - 75% of this amount will be rewarded.

In other words, the “Minimum Price” parameter will allow owners of expensive bots to receive cheaper advertising along with the more expensive, increasing its total number. The administrator of each bot can decide for itself what is more important (in general): to receive less (not necessarily) more expensive orders or more (possibly), but cheaper ones.

Manual order selection

In general, the advertisement distribution to bots occurs automatically. There are, however, situations when this method is not suitable for everyone.

Those administrators who is, for some reason, are not satisfied with automatic mailing of messages, or their bots receiving to little advertising due to the low (safe) threshold of the rating which is set in the bot, they can add advertising messages manually by selecting them from the @MenuBuilderAdvert channel where all orders posted after being paid and approved by moderators.

This will allow admins to more accurately determine which messages are coming in their bots and, in addition, to add advertisement messages with rating which is higher than the one set in their bot, if a particular advertising message seems acceptable to them.

For details on using this feature, see below in the section "Manual selection of orders for mailing in bot".

Bot settings for admins

In order to protect advertisers from unscrupulous admins who is filling up their bots with dead or robots multi-accounts, only admins of bots with more than 500 subscribers can receive advertisements in their bots.

This section describes the functionality of the bot admins who are willing to accept third-party advertising, send it to the subscribers of their bot and earn money on it.

Participation in the mailing system of the Advertisement Market is ABSOLUTELY VOLUNTARY.

@MenuBuilderBot has NEVER forced, does NOT force, and will NOT force anyone to receive advertisements in their bots, and especially will NEVER forcibly send to anyone. In addition, the constructor has NEVER advertised, does NOT advertise and will NOT advertise ITSELF in the bots you have created.

ONCE AGAIN: your bots WILL NOT receive any ads until you, YOURSELF, voluntarily activate this feature.

You can withdraw the money earned from this advertisement to your wallets, as well as spend it to purchase functionality inside @MenuBuilderBot.

This is regular, real money, not the tokens or any conditional points.

How to set up receiving ads

To configure the bot's participation in the Advertisement Market:
• Go in your bot:
☞ Admin > Advertising
• Configure each parameter described below.

Advert receiving settings

Advertisement language

This parameter determines the advertising messages in which language (from those that were paid by advertisers) will be sent to the bot. This will prevent the bot from getting advertising messages in unusual or unwanted languages. The list of available languages ​​is updated from time to time.

You must choose the language that best matches the language of your users, as well as its menu.

The bot's language you have selected is MODERATED MANUALLY.

Choosing the right language is essential in order to increase the advert's relevance to the customer (advertiser). This is important both for the advertiser himself and for the reputation of the Advertisement Market in general. For this reason, we closely monitoring advertisement languages set ​​and
log their changes.

DO NOT seek to choose English instead of your LOCAL language: It is for your benefit to set CORRECT main local language of your users - in this case you will be able to receive your LOCAL Advert as well as ENGLISH Advert on top of that. By doing this, you increase the total possible amount of advertising received.

Repeatedly incorrectly specified advertisement language leads to a lifetime Ban of the bot in the Advertisement Market - the conditions for unbanning of such a bot WELL ABOVE any possible benefits from such trick and may surprise you in UNPLEASANT way.

Please note that advertising messages in English, AT THE DESIRE OF THE CUSTOMER (ADVERTISER), can be sent to bots in any of the available languages ​​(but NOT vice versa).

Recommendations to the moderators of the Advertisement Market in terms of checking the language of the advertising message are based on the fact that the average user of the bot, in addition to his native language, also speaks English to one degree or another. In this regard, for advertising messages in English, the advertiser can indicate any language - thus indicating the desired language of recipient audience for sending messages in English.

If none of the proposed languages is the language of your users, YOUR BOT WILL NOT BE ABLE to participate in the Advertisement Market.

In order for your language to appear in the list of available ones, you need to translate the constructor's menu to corresponding language. The translation is done by volunteers. In order to take part in the translation, send /start command to your bot - instructions for translators will be in the message for choosing the language of the bot itself.

Accept English

This setting will appear ONLY if the language of your bot is NOT English.


Allows you to receive advertisements in English if the advertiser is willing to send them to bots in languages other than English.

Reward payment currency

The @MenuBuilderBot project (as well as @MegaHUB gateway), is "de facto" an international system; therefore, payment for advertising can be made in different currencies. At the moment we are not ready to deal with currency conversion issues, so the admin reward payment for mailing comes exactly in the currency in which it was paid by the advertiser.

In this regard, the bot's admin can choose the currencies (from those represented in the system) in which he is ready to accept rewards for sending advertisements through his bot. Advertisement will not be send to the bot, if that advertisement was paid by the advertiser in a currency that the admin is not ready to accept.

Posts Ratings

Created on @MenuBuilderBot bots can have a different goals and audience. Messages that are acceptable in one bot may be completely unacceptable to users of another.

In order to protect your subscribers from inappropriate content, for each bot participating in the «Advertisement Market», you need to establish the rating of messages which this bot can receive. The lower the rating assigned to the message, the safer from the user's point of view its contents will be. At the same time, this will reduce the range of messages that can be sent to this bot.

Ratings are given above (see the «Advertisement, its categories and ratings» section).

Number of messages sent per day

Each admin in @MenuBuilderBot is free to send as many messages through his bot as he pleases. However, by bringing his bot to the public platform of the «Advertisement Market», the administrator receives not only opportunities, but also takes responsibility.

By specifying the number of messages that bot users can receive, every admin determines the cost of advertising in their bot (see above). At the same time, the system guarantees to advertiser that users will never receive more messages than it has been paid.

Thus, when participating in the system of «Advertisement Market», any bot is limited to the number of mailings per day. It is equal to the “Quantity specified for advertising” +1.

The admin, if he wants, can send messages of his own. This number will be deducted from the total amount of messages per day specified for this bot. In this case, he will receive less advertising. "+1" to that number, guarantees the admin that even if the entire limit on advertising messages has been exhausted, he will always be able to send something to its users, if necessary.


Another criterion for assessing the value of a bot (and, accordingly, the cost of advertising in it) will be the presence of a starting captcha in it. Captcha allows you to limit the number of automatic subscribers, which, in its turn, increases the chance that the advertisement will be seen by a live person. Therefore, advertising in captcha bots will cost more for the advertiser, thus bringing more profit to the admin.

In the bot, the start-up captcha with the option “for all new users” must be presented and witched on. If the captcha was set before the introduction of the «Advertisement Market» it begins to affect the price immediately. In other cases, captcha will begin to affect the price only a month after switching on.

The reason is that the “old” user base has been assembled in unknown way, and no one can tell how many robots and automated subscriptions are there. Month is a “filter”.

The minimum cost of advertising in the bot

The admin of the bot who participates in the distribution of advertising will be able to specify the minimum cost of advertising that he is willing to accept in his bot. This is done in order for admins who does not want to disturb their subscribers in wain, to be able not to receive cheap advertising, or advertising the cost of which does not meet their requirements. And at the same time, for admins with expensive and high-quality bots (advertising in which should be expensive) to have the opportunity to receive advertising more often if expensive orders come too rarely (with the detriment to the price of the order, of course).

Thus: in the case of a high threshold, bots will receive less advertising, but it will be more expensive for each message. If the threshold has been lowered, there will be more advertising, but it will be cheaper. The minimum threshold is indicated as a percentage of the basic cost of advertising reward (calculated on the above criteria) for each particular bot.

Restriction on changing options

Any parameters, except for turning on and off the option of bot participation in advertising, can be changed no more than once a day (the number is preliminary and can vary)!

This restriction is necessary to prevent manipulation of distribution parameters by tricky administrators in order to receive orders that do not correspond to the real value of their bots.

Sending messages

Depending on what features (parameters) of bots are specified by advertiser for distribution, from the entire list of bots participating in the distribution, in the order of the queue, will be selected only bots that fully meet the criteria of the order.

At the moment, all bots are supposed to have equal access to orders: it is not intended to set the priority of some bots over others. Currently, “in the order of the queue” means some form of technical ordering that does not require the description in this document. Perhaps this will be changed later.

While executing, each order is divided into at least 10 equal parts. This is necessary in regard of two important points:

● so that the entire order (or its most part) would not fall all in one bot. For example, if it is appeared to be that advertising theme is not fully corresponds to the bot theme, then the effectiveness of such advertising will be low. By always distributing an advertisement order to at least 10 bots, it is more likely that some parts of the order will reach the interested audience.

● more even distribution of orders among the bots, so it would not happened that the “big” bot, appeared earlier in turn, took the whole order for itself and did not leave anything to the other “smaller” bots.

Of course, once executed in reality, any order can (and will) be divided into more parts, as the bots in queue started to running out of users for distribution. All bots participating in the «Advertisement Market» have approximately equal chances to receive their share of advertising in the system. Regardless of the place in the technical queue, sooner or later (if they have the necessary attributes for advertising mailing), they will be receiving an order.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to say which set of parameters will allow the bot to receive the most income and will depend on the volume and combination of parameters of advertising orders. As the system evolves, we will analyze the process and, probably, provide all participants with some statistics. These statistics should help participants make decisions about both orders and bot settings.

How to set advertisement parameters in the bot

In order to configure the parameters of your bot for automatic advertisement messages receiving you need to go to:
☞ Admin > Advert
• and specify the following parameters:
1. The language of the advertisement you like to receive.

Important information and warning for specifying the language of your bot.

2. Preferred currency of rewards for advertising.
3. The maximum number of messages per day for the bot.
4. The minimum amount of reward in percent (which you believe is acceptable for advertising in his bot), from the maximum possible for this bot.
5. The maximum allowed message's rating for this bot.

Ratings of advertisement messages can vary from R1 to R5, however, when setting up the bot, there is also a rating of R0. When setting the rating of R0 in the bot - no Automatic messages will be sent to the bot. All advertisement can be added only manually (for manual addition of advertisement, see below).

After specifying all parameters, admin will be able to click the button:
6. "Participate in the advertisement program"
thereby activating this opportunity for himself.

For more details on each of the configurable parameters, see above in the section "Advert receiving settings".
A video on setting up receiving advertisement is also available on our YouTube channel.

Manual selection of orders for mailing in bot.

If rating of messages in the bot is set to R0 - no automatic messages will be sent to the bot, however, you can add advertisement manually.

An order will be sent if:
1. The order matches the bot by rating (i.e., the rating of the order is less than or equal to the selected one).
2. The order is not matching rate, but it was added manually.

An order is not gonna be sent if:
1. The order is not matching the rate and is not added manually.
2. The order was added manually, but the bot does not match the parameters (the presence of a captcha, the number of messages per day, etc.).

How manual advert selection works

1. Go in your bot:
☞ Admin > Advert
2. Select the R0 rating - in this case, orders will not automatically go at all.

3. When the order appears in the @MenuBuilderAdvert channel (at any time), any admin can send (forward) the "Header" (where the number is) of desired Advert message to his bot.

The message itself does NOT need to be forwarded.

4. During automatic mailing list compilation by the Advertisement Market engine, the bot will be counted as available for mailing on a regular basis.

Please note that manually adding an advertisement to a bot does NOT mean that you will receive it - it means that you are READY to accept it. Lists of bots for mailing are compiled by the engine automatically according to the principles described in the "Sending messages" section.

5. If the admin changes his mind about accepting or forwarded the order "header" by mistake - you can forward the "header" again and the order will be deleted from those added manually.

❖ Advertisement reports

After the sending of advertisements to your bot COMPLETED, you will receive a report on the number of messages that were actually sent and the amount of the reward.

According to request of the bot's admins in the «🎩 Advertisement Market», the messages of the Reports regarding the orders sent and the balance changes were disabled if the bot has received less than 50 messages.
The money itself, of course, is credited with an accuracy to the last message.

❖ Additional information

An Advertisement came to my bot, but I didn't get paid.

In 99.99 percent of the cases, the payment is charged correctly... If it seemed to you that you did not receive payment for some advertising, before contacting support, check the following points:

1. Check the wallet balances - the notification about the accrual of small amounts is disabled at the request of the owners of the bots, however, accruals are received on the balances.

2. Check if you yourself sent out any messages, for example, in the Scheduled Mailing or in the Periodic Mailing.

3. Check if any Admins of your bot sent messages.

4. Go to the channel in which all advertisement messages ready for distribution are published ( and see if the message you received is a message from this channel. If the message you received is not in this channel, then this is not an advertisement sent out by the Advertisement Market. This means that you used the Token (Key) of your bot somewhere else, except for the @MenuBuilderBot constructor, and this third-party service, having thus gained access to your bot, sends out the advertisement you received. Change your bot's Token in @BotFather and don't stick it around everywhere any more.

5. If you have checked all of the above, you can contact support.

I've set everything up, but the ads aren't showing up.

This is fine! There are many bots in the system that ALSO want to receive advertisement - so all bots receive it in turns. You must understand that IN ANY SYSTEM, there are ALWAYS more of those who want to receive rewards from advertising than of those who are willing to pay for it. We tried to create the fairest order distribution system possible with so many factors (languages, ratings, currencies, order sizes, captcha availability and much more).

INVITE ADVERTISERS using the referral system created for you! Promote the Advertisement Market and earn money on ALL orders of your referrals.

For those who do not understand what is written above:
The Advertisement Market system is an automated system that operates according to the principles presented in this manual. EVERYTHING you need to know is here, everything you can know is also here. There cannot be any additional explanations other than those provided in these instructions.
1. If your bot doesn’t receive ads, it’s okay, there are no problems in the system - you DO NOT need to run to support.
2. If you are banned due to choosing the wrong language, it’s okay, there are no problems in the system - you DO NOT need to run to support.
3. If you don’t like something, it’s okay, there are no problems in the system - you DO NOT need to run to support.
The Advertisement Market is a sustainable system that has been operating for several years. THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS IN THE SYSTEM.