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List of main settings

Brief interface

Editors buttons are displayed without text and in one row, which saves space on the screen for experienced admins.
☞ Admin > Settings

Maintenance Mode

The ability to turn off the display of the menu for users (by displaying a stub).
Allows Admins to make changes to the bot structure, hiding it from users.
☞ Admin > Settings

New User - Notification

Allows you to enable option of informing administrators about the arrival of a new user in the bot.
☞ Admin > Settings

New User - Captcha

Allows you to activate CAPTCHA in your bot - the user must pass the CAPTCHA in order to use the bot. Captcha can be assigned to a single button or to the entire bot.
☞ Admin > Settings

If the free captcha does not suit you, you can activate the paid version.

Basic Captcha.
To connect, go to your bot:
☞ 🔐Admin | 🧩Extensions | 📂Protection

Delete inline

Allows you to delete messages from the chat with the bot when you click on the Inline Button. If mode 1 is enabled, the message whose button was pressed will be deleted, if 2 - then the previous one as well.
☞ Admin > Settings

More details on main bot setting in Bot settings help materials.