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Location:  ☞ 🔐Admin | 📊Statistics
The "Statistics" button contains the basic data of your bot.

The number of options and settings may vary depending on the number of connected "🧩 Extensions".

❖ Messages of Statistics section

To go to the settings, go to your bot:
☞ 🔐Admin | 📊Statistics
You can also use the command  /stat.

Use the command  /stat only in bots that you created yourself or where you were added as an admin.


By clicking on the "Statistics" button, you will receive a message with the following content:


Hashtag "statistics"

The hashtag has been added to the message title so that with the saved bot's chat history, you can easily track changes in the statistics. To search for previous messages, simply click on it in the last message.


The creation date of your bot - the date it was added to @MenuBuilderBot.


The total number of the users in your bot - for ALL time.

About who and at what point can be considered a User of the bot, see in the User section.


These are all users of your bot to whom it is possible to deliver a message (see details below).


These are users who have blocked your bot - users to whom it is impossible to deliver a message for this reason.

IMPORTANT: These statistics are updated during mass mailings. Each new user is considered Active until it turns out that during the Mailing the bot could not deliver the message to him the specified number of times (according to the "Dead After..." Mailing setting). Thus, if you have not made any mailing in your bot, then all users will be considered Active. After the distribution (and updating the statistics due to this), the number of Active users may decrease.

It is impossible to PURGE DELETED users. And there are many reasons for this. Firstly, these users were really present in your bot - deleting such users will violate the integrity of the data in the system, for example, the number of referrals will become incorrect. In addition, users delete bots for various reasons, and those who deleted your bot may return tomorrow, however, all their data, possible wallet balances, variable values and everything else will be lost forever.

Learn more about mass mailing messages to users in the Mailing Guide.

Also in the bot there is an opportunity to update the statistics without sending messages:

Learn more about the "Check Users " feature. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Statistics consists of two components: Operational and Actual.
Operational - counts data incrementally, but during a high activity (with a large influx of users at the same time) it can somewhat distort the data - this is a temporary phenomenon. Such an effect can be seen, for example, when the option "New User. Notification" is enabled.
Actual - gives accurate data, but is updated less frequently. It is updated, as described above, when mailing, checking users, and in a number of other events.


Shows the number of Admins for your bot.

Please note that the Creator (the owner of the bot) is not considered as an Admin.

Bot structure

Shows the main "physical" parameters of your bot - the presence and volume of basic elements, as well as the functions of the Extensions section, which has a quantitative representation.

❖ Buttons of Statistics section

Export Statistics to - Telegram bot analytics service. Includes tools for tracking the dynamics of the audience and advertising campaigns.


Native service integration allows you, in one click, to upload your bot's statistics and make public analytics of your projects for users and advertisers through the platform.

Data to send

● Number of live users
● Number of dead users
● Bot owner ID (in MenuBuilderBot)
● ID of the bot itself

1. Sending data does NOT require prior registration on the platform - a new record is created at the time of the first sending of data.
2. If the owner of the bot has changed after sending the data, then information about this can be changed in the "Personal Account" on the website of the service.

Public statistics

Allows you to enable the display of your bot's public statistics for any user.
Off ⏹️ - the function is disabled.
On ▶️ - the function is enabled.

It is used to present guaranteed reliable statistics on the number of users and their activity in your bot, (for example, to advertisers) using the command:
/getstat @YourBotName
in the @MenuBuilderBot constructor Head bot.
Where @YourBotName is your bot's address.

A guide to your bot's public statistics.

❖ Additional Information

In the bot, you can also access advanced statistics.
Advanced Statistics.
To connect, go to your bot:
☞ 🔐Admin | 🧩Extensions | 📂Statistics