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Token of Messages

Token of Messages - special token used to control the number of messages sent by the bot.

It is a way to control the abuse of mailing messages in a bot. Tokens are spent on mass mailing to the bot users, as well as on some functions related to sending messages.

📆 50000 renewable Tokens of Messages are available monthly.
You can check the number of available Tokens of Messages in:
☞ 🔐Admin

Additional ones can be purchased if necessary. Additional Tokens of Messages are purchased for a particular BOT and can only be used in it. Used - for example, to speed up the mailing up to 8 times.

Tokens of Messages.
To purchase, go in your bot:
☞ 🔐Admin | 🧩Extensions | 📂Mailing

Features spending Tokens of Messages

1. Balance editor in edit mode with comment

Cost: 1 token per edit

2. Mailing

● Standard rate: 1 token per message sent
● 2x speed: 2 tokens per message sent
● 4x speed: 3 tokens per message sent
● 6x speed: 4 tokens per message sent
● 8x speed: 5 tokens per message sent

Mailing performed by bunches of messages. The size of the bunch depends on the amount of people in your bot specified for particular mailing. So if in the middle of the mailing you decide to speed it up, the actual increase of the speed will happen when the new "bunch" will be ready for mailing. The average size of the bunch is from 1000 to 10000 messages.

3. New User notification

Cost: 1 Token per message to each admin (but not more than 10)! If there are 5 admins, then a notification about a new user will deduct 5 tokens.

4. Commands

/pm - 1 token per message sent
/varadd, /varset - 1 token in comment mode