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Tempo ban

Tempoban (temporary ban) - issued by Telegram when the bot activity is excessive or suspicious IN THEIR OPINION. The duration of the ban is usually reported in the error message (if applicable). Tempoban can be issued either to the entire bot or to a separate chat (for example, to an Administrator’s chat with a bot).

Tempoban types

Tempoban can be applied:
• to the entire bot (to the mailing (broadcasting) - the bot has difficulties sending messages to ALL users)
• to a separate chat between a user and a bot (an individual user cannot receive the bot’s responses)

This has two consequences:
1. Firstly, if you, as an admin, have Tempoban, then your users can easily use your bot - this does not apply to them.
2. And secondly, such mechanics are formalized rather ambiguously in error messages, therefore, not everywhere and not always such information can be clearly and unambiguously shown to the administrator, and the presence of Tempoban often has to be judged only by indirect signs.

Indirect signs of Tempoban

• When you press /start, the start message comes, but the rest do not (Chat Tempoban).
• Notifications about the progress of the Mailing are not received (Chat Tempoban).
• The Data Export file does not arrive (Chat Tempoban).
• Mailing is slow or not running (Bot Tempoban).

Reasons for Tempobans

1. Tempoban of the bot: according to our observations, Telegram, from time to time, is tending, to restrict some bots whose names contain words such as "Airdrop", "Invest" and this type, from sending messages to its users - there was no official information on this though (it is pure observation). 
2. Tempoban of the bot: tempobans in bots are associated with forwarding messages to bot users. The ability to forward messages for the bot is up to 2,000 per hour. We are talking specifically about FORWARDING, and not about sending messages on behalf of a bot.

3. Tempoban of the chat: when the owner (Admin) of the bot is actively editing the menu, after some time he can encounter a slowdown in the bot’s responses (this cannot be fully considered Tempoban, but keep it in mind when actively working on bot's functionality. It goes away on its own after an UNDEFINED TIME).
 4. Tempoban of the chat: Receiving a large number of responses to Forms from your users (when the bot sends you hundreds of messages).

What to do in case of Tempoban

If your bot has already received Tempoban, there is nothing you can do - you need to wait until its expiration date. Keep in mind that the more often you receive Tempoban, the longer its duration will be.

How to prevent getting Tempoban

As we mentioned above, your bot is at risk if its name or address contains words such as airdrop, invest, and the like. We don’t know what other factors may influence Telegram’s attitude towards your project. At the same time, the very presence of these and similar hidden - not declared - factors does not allow us to unambiguously judge the reasons for Tempobans or any specific limits. Therefore, for each bot you will have to select your own limits and restrictions - THERE CANNOT BE A COMMON SOLUTION HERE.

1. When sending mass messages to bot users, try not to abuse message forwarding. If possible, create your own message and send it on behalf of the bot. The sending speed in this case can be increased using the Mailing functionality.

2. If you need to send forwards and your bot often receives Tempobans, then in order not to go beyond Telegram limits, the sending speed can be gradually slowed down until Tempobans stop.

You can increase the delay between messages in the mailing by using command:
Specifying the delay time from 0.01 to 1.0
➠ For example:
/maildelay 0.3
set the recommended interval of 0.3 seconds between messages. Increase it if it doesn't help.

3. If you need to receive a large number of user responses to Forms in a bot and your bot receives Tempobans, then you should probably think about saving user responses into variables and sending all the data from a separate Form in one message.