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Do I need to change the Token when switching to MenuBuilderBot?

Let's say I have created a new bot on an existing Address where another (old) bot was created using another constructor. Do I need to change the Token (Key) of the bot when switching to MenuBuilderBot from another constructor?

If, while switching to @MenuBuilderBot, you want to save the Address of an already existing bot, replacing its content with the content of a new one, created on @MenuBuilderBot, you have 2 options:

Option 1. (Right)

Change the Key on the Address via @BotFather and add it to @MenuBuilderBot with the new key. This will remove all bindings from the old bot and avoid conflicts between the old and a new bots. You will lose access to the menu of the old bot...

Don't forget to copy all the necessary information from the old bot!

Option 2. (Wrong)

Preserve the Key and delete the old bot on the server or by means of the previous Constructor, the one you used to create your bot before and pass the old Key to @MenuBuilderBot.

Both options will work, but..! 
We highly recommend to CHANGE THE KEY when switching to Menu Builder from other constructors.

Option 3. (Completely wrong)


Do not change the key, do not delete the bot in the old system, but simply add the key to @MenuBuilderBot. In this case, the bot to be working is the one in which system the key was added the last. Plus to that, there could be some unpredictable appearances of the menu of your old bot instead of the new one and vice versa.