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Why send a token to MenuBuilderBot?

Is it dangerous to send a Token (Key) and is it possible to lose control over the bot by sending it to @MenuBuilderBot?

To answer this question, let's first understand what the Bot is?

❖ Telegram Bot

The Telegram bot, in general, consists of:
• Address - the name of the bot in Telegram
• Code - the executable script
• Token - the key binding the script to the address

The @MenuBuilderBot is needed your token to link the bot code you have generated on our server with your bot's Telegram address.

Now more about security...

Bot address

The address of the bot in any case remains YOURS.
It is controlled by Telegram means, and if you yourself created the address in @BotFather, it is impossible to steal it without hacking the Telegram servers. This means that it is almost impossible, at least this has nothing to do with @MenuBuilderBot.

Bot Code

Bot code created with @MenuBuilderBot, generated by us according to your instructions, is stored on our server. Possessing or not possessing your Token, we already have full control over the code.

Bot Token


The bot's token is just a unique key linking the Bot's Address and its corresponding Code... Even if third parties obtain your Key, this will not deprive you of control over the bot. The key can be changed at any time - cutting off outsiders, and only you can do this in @BotFather through your Telegram Account.