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The rules of digital safety

Growing networks inevitably attract scammers and unscrupulous personalities that parasitize on inexperienced blockchain participants, so today we want to talk about digital security rules.

We recommend you reading the rules below.


Rule #1: NFTs

Be careful when buying NFTs. There is already a wide variety of collections available, but it’s important to keep in mind that many of them are overpriced.


Rule #2: Store your seed phrase properly

Remember: If you lose your 12-24-word seed phrase, you’ll lose access to your wallet and crypto forever.

Write down your seed phrase on a piece of paper and keep it in a reliable and safe place. Never keep a screenshot of your seed phrase on your mobile phone or in a text file on your computer.

In short, never store your seed phrase on a device connected to the internet.


Rule #4: Be careful with p2p transfers

Since today cryptocurrencies can be purchased through a p2p exchange using bank cards, this area has become especially attractive to scammers.


Rule #3: Go over the instruction guides on crypto exchanges

If you want to make a transaction, but you’ve never made one, the first transaction should contain the minimal amount as a test run to ensure you understand how everything works. 

Remember: There are many instances when the technical support of crypto exchanges will be unable to help you if something goes wrong with a transaction.


Rule #5: The suite has changed its concept

Since TON has deep integration with Telegram we’d like to remind aspiring teams that the application process for listing a project in the TON Apps suite has become significantly more straightforward. Now, teams go through a streamlined verification process instead of a long and thorough check.

Therefore, even if a project is listed in the TON Apps suite, there’s still no safety guarantee. 


Rule #6: Do not trust unfamiliar teams.

This rule applies to mining pools, staking pools, NFT projects, and any project that promises high returns.

Be skeptical before investing your money when people or projects make promises of exorbitantly high returns. Try to find mentions of the project in official resources.

If you’re having trouble finding mentions of a specific project, you should proceed carefully because it may carry higher risks, and we recommend “DYOR” — do your own research.


Rule #7: do not blindly trust investment and mining bots

Be careful when investing your funds and investment and mining bots. Keep in mind - the higher the promised percentage of profitability - the greater the likelihood of fraud.


We ask that you follow these simple rules and trust only official sources of information.

The article was prepared based on the materials of the Telegram channel