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How to make money on your bot in Telegram?

Today's Trend is objectively are bots in messengers. The fastest growing messenger is Telegram. People earn a lot of money on the functionality of the bots themselves, as well as on bots creation on this platform.

However, what if you are not a programmer?

It is good that creating a bot these days no longer requires special skills from you. A large number of paid constructors have already been created allowing you to create your own bot. But today we will tell you about a free tool with a huge profit potential!

Let's talk about the Menu Builder constructor in Telegram.

MENU BUILDER BOT - is a constructor where you can easily create a bot, just in 3-4 minutes, without even leaving Telegram! The main thing is that you need to have interesting ideas for its contents. Well, I’m sure you have enough ideas! And it does not require any investment from you. You can create a bot on this platform absolutely for free, which increases its attractiveness especially if your enterprise is in its early stages, since it does not require any initial investments at all!

At the moment (May 2022), more than 50k bots of various subjects have already been created in the system and more than 200M (millions) of users. The project is international, and advertising in it, for a minute, is already distributed in 11 languages!

Sustainable and systematically developing project.

Menu Builder have prepared a huge amount of reference materials in @MenuBuilderHelpBot for you to help you implement your ideas. In addition, a YouTube channel is constantly updated with new videos. Also, an almost 24-7 support service will help you solve any question that may arise. Very responsive and friendly admins in groups are always in touch.

Now you know where and how to create a bot. So, after creating the bot, this is where the fun begins!

❖ How can you make money on your bot?

Method 1. Placement of individual advertising.

If your bot is filled with interesting content, and accordingly a large number of users, then people will contact you for advertising. Everything is clear and simple here.

Method 2. Creating bots on freelance.

If you understand the functionality of the constructor, you can create bots for other people as freelancer. And this is a completely different level of income. The constructor does not advertise itself in your bot, that means, the bot created in this system can be completely unique and no one will ever know that it was created on the constructor.

Method 3. Optimize your business.

The bot you have created will help to ease the routine of your business. Your bot, for example, will be able to answer standard user questions, provide the necessary information, thereby unloading your operator. And, although, this is not the direct profit, it’s saving time that can be converted into profit!

Of course, we saved the most interesting for later!

Method 4. Earnings on the Advertisement Market.

We will tell you in details about it...

An Advertisement Market has been created in the Menu Builder constructor system, which allows to automatically distribute advertisement in all bots created on this platform.

Users will see this advertisement, and you will receive your percentage for it. Your task is only to fill the bot with interesting content, attract the first 500 users and connect your bot to the Advertisement Market. And that's it, net profit begins in the passive mode! Distribution takes place automatically in all bots connected to the Advertisement Market, and this at the moment (May 2022) is already more than 2'000'000 users, and the number is constantly growing. Feel the volume?

Only on advertising, I emphasize - in passive mode (!), You can earn up to $100 per month!

Do not worry - participation in the Advertisement Market is completely voluntary, you will not receive any advertisement if you yourself do not want to. To receive advertising - you need to connect the Advertisement Market yourself. Getting advertisement here is more of a privilege, allowing you to earn rather than an obsessive need as in other projects. 😀

The Advertisement Market has a flexible rating settings system from R1 to R5, and in your bot you will receive only the advertisement that you consider as acceptable for you.

In addition, the creators of the Advertisement Market do not seek to make money on it themselves - therefore, up to 75% of the funds from orders are distributed to administrators, that is, to you.

So connect your bot to the Advertisement Market and make money on it.

Method 5. Sale of third-party advertisement.

Due to the enormous size of the Market, and the almost complete absence of its creators' own cost increases, advertising prices in the system is very low. Therefore, even after adding 50% to Market price, you can still be competitive in the advertising market in Telegram. Just take orders in groups and do your own mailing through the Advertisement Market, earning on the price difference!

Method 6. Earnings on the referral system without a bot!

What if you don’t want to create your own bot and promote it?

Go to the head bot @MenuBuilderBot, send to the bot the command:


And by obtaining your referral link, get income from orders of advertisers you have invited.

10% of all orders within the first week and 5% lifetime - as long as you account exists.

The advertiser receives a 5% discount on all orders in the first week (the countdown starts from the first order) if he clicked on your link.

Method 7. Earning money from the Shop.

Starting from 2023, a Shop has been added to the constructor. The Shop functionality allows you to create your own online stores. If you don’t have your own store and don’t sell anything, you can make money by creating shops for those who need them. A Free Tariff has been added to the Shop which will allow you to master all the necessary mechanics. The Free Tariff is not limited in functionality and also has no time limits. So just use it and lerrn the functionality.

With this knowledge you can:
• create shops for both - online and offline businesses.

Surely you have small stores in your neighborhood whose owners would like to present their products on Telegram. Go around and tell them about the opportunities for their business that are opening up with the advent of online trading, about the ease of using Telegram bots for users.

• you can assist in the creation and train staff (or the owner himself) to work with the functionality of the Shop.
• after creation, you can also maintain the stores you created, continuing to interact with the owner - adding products or updating data.
• over time, a referral system will be added to the Shop and you will be able to promote the functionality by receiving a percentage of the orders of your referrals.


Anyway, the world does not stand still, so grab trends by the tail and in Bot we trust!