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Markdown - text formatting

Using Markdown in Telegram to style messages in Bold, Italic and Mono-spaced Copied Text and create links.

@MenuBuilderBot understands this type of formatting and correctly displays it in messages. This means that you can format the text in the @MenuBuilderBot using the standard Telegram tools.

❖ Using Markdown

There are two ways to get formatted text in Telegram:

Method 1:

Use of Special characters at the beginning and at the end of selected text:

• For Bold - 2 asterisks "**"

• For Italics - 2 underscores "__"

• For Mono-spaced, copied text - 1 character "`", for few lines use 3 "```".

• For Strike use "~~"

• For Spoiler use "||"

• For Underline use "--"

**Bold Font**
__Italic Font__
`Code Font`
```Few lines of Code```
~~Strike~~ - not supported by @MenuBuilderBot
||Spoiler|| - not supported by @MenuBuilderBot
--Underline-- - not supported by @MenuBuilderBot

1. Use characters at the beginning and at the end of the selected text.
2. Be sure to put a space before the characters at the beginning and another space after the characters at the end.

To create a link IN THE BOT's MESSAGE, use the "link()" function from the Expressions Manual (this option will not work in channel).

Method 2:

Using the text formatting dialog in Telegram.


After typing the text of the message, select the words that you want to format (or from which you want to create a text link) and in the dialog that appears, select the appropriate menu item. If the formatting dialog does not appear, click the "three dots" menu in the upper right corner.