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Limits and restrictions of Telegram

The official data on Telegram restrictions is not always available, so some of them were found empirically.

Last revision 25.11.2022

❖ Accounts

  • The length of Username (username; e.g. @cameraman) from 5 to 32 characters
  • The number of additional Usernames - 10
  • Section "About me" (Bio) 70 characters
  • Name length from 1 to 64 characters
  • Last name length from 0 to 64 characters
  • Account self-destruct period in case of inactivity 1, 3, 6 and 12 months (6 by default)
  • Session self-destruct period in case of inactivity 1, 3, 6 and 12 months
  • Spam ban 1 day and more
  • The number of channels and supergroups in which you can be - a maximum of 500 (including those created by you)
  • The number of geochats in which you can be - a maximum of 5 (including those created by you)
  • Number of saved GIFs up to 200 pieces
  • Video avatar duration up to 10 seconds
  • Video avatar properties 800x800px, up to 2 MB
  • Create groups and channels up to 50 per day
  • Number of accounts (official clients) up to 3 profiles
  • The number of stickers you can add to favorites - up to 5
  • Number of reactions that can be set - 1

❖ Chats and groups

  • Number of participants (limit is constantly increasing) up to 200'000, unlimited in groups for broadcasts
  • The number of administrators in the group is up to 50 people
  • The number of bots in a group is up to 20 pieces
  • Pinned chats in the user's feed is up to 5 chats or channels + up to 5 secret chats
  • Group name and description up to 255 characters
  • Editing messages within 48 hours after sending; unlimited in Saved Items and for administrators with pinning rights
  • Self-destruct photo or video from 1 to 60 seconds
  • History of actions (movements of participants, messages, etc.) for the last two days
  • The number of users mentions in one message is up to 50, otherwise there will be no notification
  • Number of visible messages in the group 1'000'000 recent messages
  • Number of pinned messages - unlimited
  • Number of participants to open statistics - 500 or more
  • Reservation of @username after change (the time for which the username is available only to its former owner) about 15-30 minutes
  • Group stickers - available for groups with at least 100 members
  • Admin label length up to 16 characters
  • Chat title length up to 128 characters
  • Converting a supergroup to a broadcast group for chats with 199'000 or more members
  • Chat read reports available for chats with 100 members or less, the user list is only available to the user who sent the message
  • Read report availability time is up to 7 days from the moment the message was sent
  • How long chat's history of changes is stored - 48 hours
  • The number of reactions that can be set on the post - up to 11

❖ Voice and video chats

  • Voice chat listeners - unlimited
  • Video broadcast (camera, screen sharing) up to 30 broadcast users simultaneously
  • Viewers of the video broadcast officially stated that there are no restrictions, but in practice, the broadcast becomes unstable at about 2'000 simultaneous viewers
  • Scheduled chats up to 7 days

❖ Channels

  • Number of public usernames (addresses) per account up to 10 (including groups)
  • @username length from 5 to 32 characters
  • The length of the channel name and description is up to 255 characters
  • The number of channel administrators (including bots; only an administrator can add a bot to a channel) up to 50 accounts
  • Editing posts is unlimited (if a group is linked to the channel, posts older than 14 days will not be updated in the chat)
  • The number of channel readers is unlimited
  • Members visible for the admin of the channel is 200 people
  • Channel deletion - a channel with more than 1K subscribers can only be deleted through Telegram support
  • Watch private channels without joining (for channels with more than 200 subscribers) up to 5 minutes once a day
  • Invite users - up to 200 people
  • The number of subscribers to open statistics is 50 or more
  • Reservation of @username after change (the time for which the username is available only to its former owner) about 15-30 minutes
  • Watch private channels without joining them - up to 5 minutes per day
  • The number of reactions that can be set on the post - up to 11

❖ Messages

  • The length of one message is up to 4096 characters
  • Description for media files up to 1024 characters
  • Sending files up to 2.0 GB
  • The length of the file name is up to 60 characters, the excess will be cut off
  • Video message duration up to 1 minute
  • Photos and videos in one message (album) up to 10 pieces
  • Number of pending messages up to 100 messages
  • Schedule messages up to 365 days
  • The number of reactions (likes) per post - up to 11 pieces

❖ Folders

  • Number of folders is up to 10 folders
  • Pinned chats in a folder up to 100 chats

❖ People nearby

  • The visibility radius is about 12 kilometers
  • Number of displayed users - up to 100 people
  • Number of displayed geochats - up to 10 nearest

❖ Bots

  • The number of bots (created via @BotFather) up to 20 pieces
  • Bot @username length from 5 to 32 characters
  • Length of information about the bot (/setabouttext) is up to 120 characters
  • Bot description length is up to 512 characters
  • Files sent by bot (BotAPI) up to 50 MB
  • Files accepted by the bot (BotAPI) up to 20 MB
  • Ability to forward messages is up to 2'000 per hour
  • Number of buttons for 1 message - up to 100 pieces
  • Message formatting data up to 10 KB
  • Message rate (can be increased by support) up to 30 messages per second; 20 messages per minute for chats and channels
  • API request rate (can be increased by support) up to 30 requests per second
  • Number of commands (in BotFather) from 0 to 100 commands
  • Command length (in BotFather) from 1 to 32 characters
  • The length of the command description is minimal: 2 characters in BotFather, 3 characters in Bot API; maximum 256 characters in both
  • Metadata length for /start is up to 64 characters (used for deep linking)
  • Bot warning length is up to 200 characters
  • Search for users by username (for bots and users) is up to 200 usernames daily
  • Number of inline results is up to 50 elements
  • Bot's description picture size is 640x360 pixels.
  • You can transfer no more than 5 bots per day to another account (break between transfers is 5-15 minutes)

  • Results in global search - up to 10 items; up to 3 on Android
  • The minimum query length for a global search is 4 characters or more

❖ Stickers

  • Number of added sticker packs up to 200 pieces
  • Number of favorite stickers up to 5 pieces
  • Number of stickers in a set - up to 120 for simple ones, up to 50 for animated ones
  • Sticker size - one of the sides is 512px, the other is 512px or less; strictly 512x512 for animated
  • Animation duration up to 3 seconds
  • Sticker file size up to 512 KB for simple, up to 64 KB for animated
  • FPS 30 or 60
  • Pack name length up to 64 characters
  • The length of the /addstickers address for a sticker pack is up to 62 characters

❖ Topics

  • Number of participants in the group to open topics - 200
  • Number of topics created simultaneously - 1 000 000 000
  • Topic name length - 1-128 characters


  • The number of accounts in the @telegraph bot is up to 5
  • Text size up to 64 KiB

❖ Miscellaneous

Special thanks: Akcium Сергей