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Account wallets

There are several wallets available in your account for different fiat and crypto currencies. The purchase of additional functionality and all basic calculations in the MenuBuilderBot project are performed using the 💮TMH token. A separate wallet has also been created for this token.

TMH (Token MegaHub) - is an internal token of the project created for the convenience of calculations and presentation of value. It is neither a real currency nor a crypto-asset and for this reason is not used outside the project itself.

Wallets are tied to an ACCOUNT, and not to individual bots, funds are replenished on the ACCOUNT, and not on the bot in which you are currently working. That is why it is possible to use account funds in any of the bots added through it. Once again: due to the availability of account funds in any of the bots, it may seem that wallets are tied to bots, but this is not so - WALLETS ARE TIED TO AN ACCOUNT!

Since Telegram accounts are not connected in any way, the funds of one account are NOT available for another - they CANNOT be transferred or transit any how between accounts.

At the moment, there are 6 wallets on the MenuBuilderBot account:

Balance replenishment is possible in both Automatic and Manual modes. If you replenished your balance using one of these currencies in the Automatic mode, then the funds will go directly to the corresponding wallet in the currency in which you actually replenished.

An exception is made only for LTC (since it is more often than others used to pay for orders in the Advertisement Market), therefore, funds for Automatic top-up in LTC are converted into USD, using market rates, and going to the corresponding wallet.

In the Manual mode, the account balance can be replenished in other currencies, all replenishments  will be immediately converted into the internal TMH token and credited to this wallet.