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How to copy your bot to another Address or Account (Import)

At the moment, the import of the bot functionality to another Address or another Account is carried out manually.


1. The owners of both bots must prove that they are the owners of the bots. To do this, they need to write to the support bot listed below and clearly express their desire to copy (Import). If both bots are yours on the same account, please let us know when you contact us.

2. Both bots must be added to the @MenuBuilderBot system . It is possible to copy the bot's menu (not its functionality, but only the menu) from other systems, but the result may not be satisfactory.

What is needed for import:

1. Send @ bots address:
● Where to get it.
● Where to copy.

2. In @BotFather in the Settings for these bots you need to set:
Privacy - disabled
Groups - enabled
After import, you can rearrange it back.

For import, contact @MenuBuilderSupportBot.