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What is an Advertisement Market

The Advertisement Market is a centralized way to send advertisement messages to those bots, created on the MenuBuilderBot platform, whose owners VOLUNTARY activated ability to accept it and getting paid for this.

MenuBuilderBot has NEVER forced, does NOT force and will NOT force anyone to receive advertisements in its bot, and even more so it has NEVER sent and will NOT send it forcibly. In addition, the constructor has NEVER advertised, does NOT advertise and will NOT advertise ITSELF in the bot you have created. Your bot is just your bot.

The Advertisement Market platform is designed to provide advertisers with access to users of thousands of bots created on the MenuBuilderBot platform: they no longer need to contact and negotiate with the administrator of each particular bot individually. At the same time, the platform provides bot administrators with easy access to earnings by receiving ads for their users, without running through groups looking for advertisers. Thus, we provide a service that allows both of them to easily meet for convenient and mutually beneficial cooperation.

With the help of the Advertisement Market, you can both advertise your projects through the @MenuBuilderBot system, and earn money by receiving advertisement or by promoting the Market itself using your referral link.