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How to make money on the Advertisement Market

Earnings on the referral program

If you have not created your bot using the @MenuBuilderBot constructor, you can earn by inviting advertisers to the Advertisement Market platform.

From advertisers you invite you get:

  • 10% of the amount of all orders in the first week.
  • 5% for next 6 months (and possibly for life - has not yet been decided).

To invite advertisers, you can use a Promo Code or Referral Link. To find out both, in the head bot
send the command:

At the same time, the advertiser you have invited receives a 5% discount on advertising in the first week after clicking on the link or entering the promo code!

Earnings on receiving ads in your bot

In order to configure the bot parameters to automatically receive advertisement messages, you need to go to your bot:
☞ 🔐Admin 🔖Advert

and specify the following parameters:
1. The language of the received advertisement.
2. Preferred advert reward currencies.
3. The maximum number of advertising messages per day for a bot.
4. The minimum amount of remuneration (for which you are ready to place advertisements in your bot), as a percentage of the maximum possible for this bot.
5. The maximum admissible rating of advertising messages for this bot.

After specifying all the parameters, the administrator will be able to press the button:
6. "Participate in the Advertisement Market"
thereby activating this option for himself.

In order for a bot to start receiving advertising, it must have at least 500 users, but the actual receipt of advertisement in the bot will depend on the total number of orders in the system - so do not forget to tell everyone about the Advertisement Market and its capabilities.

For more information on advert allocation, rewards, and more, see the complete Advert Market guide.