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How to order advertising mailing

The functionality is available in the head bot:

1. Go to the head bot of the project: @MenuBuilderBot > 🎩 Order Advert > Add Order
2. Select the language of your message (available in 7 languages).
3. Send your message.
4. Select the currency in which you will pay for advertising to bot admins.
5. Specify the number of views and bots parameters.
6. Confirm your selections.

Your order will be assigned with a number and its data will be available in the advertisement section of the head bot.
@MenuBuilderBot > 🎩 Order Advert > 🎯 My Orders

7. To pay, select the desired order number from the list.
8. Click "Pay" to debit the required amount from the balance on this account.

If there are not enough funds on the balance, you can always replenish it. To do this, go to your bot:
🔐Admin | 🧩Extensions | 🏦Your Wallets🏦 | 💳Top-Up Wallets

After verification and approval by the moderators of the Advertisement Market, your order will be assigned with a Rating, after which your order will be added to the queue for execution.

The status of the order and the number of sent messages can be viewed in the same place - by clicking on the button with the order number.

Under normal conditions, the broadcast starts at 9:00 am (UTC + 3) and continues until 21:00 pm (UTC + 3). Therefore, if you ordered an advertisement at night, do not expect immediate execution. In addition, with a large number of orders, sometimes a big queue for mailing being formed - this must also be taken into account when choosing the time to create an order.