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List of functions and features of the MenuBuilderBot constructor

Below is a list of functions and features of the @MenuBuilderBot constructor with a brief explanations. The purpose of this article is to give you a general idea of ​​what a constructor can do.

Relevant for the version of MenuBuilderBot v1.01.01 - the development and addition of new functions is ongoing.

❖ For personal bots

Functions available to everyone initially and for free! The constructor has so much functionality that we provide for free even those functions for which others taking money.

Creation of a Bot and its Hosting - you can create a bot and use it absolutely free of charge and without any time limits.
Create menus and submenus - the bot's menu - its buttons are created in a few clicks, right at their location.
Any attachments to buttons - files of any size (available to bots in Telegram), pictures, media content, regular messages.
Markdown, hidden links - the ability to format text using standard Telegram markup tools.
Captcha - can be installed on the entire bot, so every new user has to go through, or on individual menu buttons.
Message for START - a message that will be shown only after user pressing START.
Mass mailings to users - you can send messages to all users of your bot.
Adding Admins to a Bot - you can add an Admin if you need help creating or managing a bot.
Menu languages: En, Ru, Es, Ar, Br, Cn, He, Id, It, Ms, Uz, Fa - translation is done by volunteers.
Macros - username - bot, in messages, can address the user by name.
Bot statistics - basic statistics of your bot are available to you, for example, the number of live users, the number of deleted ones, and more.
Forms and feedback - you can create Feedback Forms to collect data from users, different types of questions are available.
Standard Telegram poll - can be added to the bot menu.
Q&A chat - a way to communicate with users inside the bot menu - a unique mechanics of interaction with the user.
Ban system in Q&A chat - it is possible to ban a user in the Forms, taking away from him the opportunity to contact the admins.
Inline buttons (3 modes) - URL, Popup, Command.
Your own commands - the ability to create commands that can be used by both your users and yourself.
Hidden admin buttons - you can hide individual buttons from users, making them available only to yourself and your bot admins.
ᅠUser referral system - one level of the Referral system is available in each bot initially.
Admin referral links - links that count transitions on them.
Balance for users - in each of your bots you can create an internal Balance (wallet) for your users.
The Referral System works with the Balance - for following the bot's links, you can make accruals to the balance of the Referral Parent.
Balance auto-replenishment - Cryptomus (FREE) - the ability to generate individual crypto wallet addresses for each user and credit incoming funds to the balance in the bot.
Math expressions in messages - you can perform calculations and display the results directly in the message of the bot.
Moving menu buttons - an intuitive way to move the buttons of the menu you have created.
Moving menu messages - an intuitive way to move messages in the menu buttons.
Public bot statistics - allows you to show your bot statistics to users or advertisers using @MenuBuilderBot head bot.
The variable editor is an easy way to change variable values ​​manually.
Time zones - your bot can display the time according to your time zone.

❖ For commercial bots

Additional bots - you can add more bots to one account.
ᅠAdditional admins - you can add more admins to the bot if one is not enough.
Additional variables - you can add an almost unlimited number of variables to the bot.
Functions for working with variables - tools for various calculations and manipulations with data in variables.
Admin rights management - different admins can be assigned different rights.
Deep links - direct links to individual menu sections and buttons.
Advanced Statistics with macros - the ability to show detailed bot statistics to your users, as well as a chart of daily activity in the bot.
User data macros - Username, Surname, ID, UserCode, and more.
User total ban - the ability to completely ban a user in a bot.
ᅠAdd admin referral links - more referral counting links.
ᅠCaptcha of the bot and buttons - a paid version of the captcha.
ᅠButton for accruing bonuses - a button for receiving bonuses by users with the frequency you set.
ᅠExport balance log - the ability to export balance changes to a separate file.
ᅠMultilevel Referral System - more levels of the referral system.
Login to the bot only by referral link - the bot will not let the user in, if he did NOT come through the referral link.
ᅠTop referrals for users - the ability to show a table of the best referral parents.
ᅠTop by variable - the ability to show a table of users with the highest value in the variable you specified.
ᅠFix button Exchange¹ - an easy way to make an exchange.
ᅠExchange Rate² button - an easy way to make an exchange with the calculation of the exchange rate.
Button Withdrawal of Funds - allows you to automatically deduct the requested withdrawal amount from the user's balance upon confirmation by the admin.
Invisible button - hidden buttons that can be accessed like any other.
Buttons with the same names - the ability to create buttons with the same names in the menu.
Bot search button - the ability for the user to search in the titles of buttons and message texts of your bot.
ᅠExport of all bot data to CSV - data export is data export - nothing to say ).
ᅠBatch balance change - a way to change balances for several users at once.
Batch adding messages to the menu - the ability to add several messages to the button at once.
Batch adding buttons of the lower menu and inline - the ability to add several buttons at once and set individual parameters for them when creating.
ᅠMacros and Expressions in buttons - the ability to use the values ​​​​of variables and carry out calculations when users press buttons.
Text, Numeric variables - variables that store text or numbers.
ᅠGlobal variables - a single value for the entire bot - available to all users.
Variable Date and Time - the ability to work with time in your bot.
Media variables - the ability to store pictures, video and audio in variables.
ᅠConditions for buttons - when the user presses the buttons, they will only work if the condition is true.
Button visibility condition - if the Condition is not true - the button will be hidden from the user (inaccessible).
Conditions for mailing - selective mailing of messages, only to those users whose variable value corresponds to the mailing condition.
Conditions for Feedback Forms - checks the data entered by the user.
ᅠCurrency rates with auto-update - you can use the current exchange rates for display and calculations (rate update frequency - up to 10 minutes).
ᅠAuto top up balance - Payeer, CoinBase, CryptoBot, Cryptomus (FREE), Perfect Money, Tron, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, TON, TON-Jettons, BSC and other cryptocurrencies.
ᅠSending multiple messages - sending multiple messages at the same time.
Speed ​​up mailing - up to x8 times. 
Scheduled mailing - you can schedule the mailing for later.
Periodic mailing - sending according to a schedule with a specified frequency, command or by hands.
ᅠCustom navigation buttons - create your own navigation buttons in the bot.
Customization of the referral system and system messages of the bot - the ability to change some of the most important system elements of the bot.
ᅠTurbo Mode for your bot - the ability to speed up your bot during high user activity.
Extended Feedback Forms - the ability to request a user's phone number, location, or roll a dice with random number generation.
Bot content protection - the ability to protect the content of your bot with the built-in Telegram tools. Restricts message forwarding, prevents screenshots and the ability to save media from your bot's chat messages.
WebApp - you can add your WebApps to inline buttons and lower menu buttons.
Actions - the ability to add an almost unlimited number of actions to buttons when pressed.
ᅠ• Numbers - allows you to work with numeric variables.
ᅠ• Conditions - checks the condition and breaks the chain of actions.
ᅠ• Referrals - allows you to make referral accruals.
ᅠ• Activations - allows you to set the initial value of the variable if it is missing.
ᅠ• Commands - allows you to access any button by its command.
ᅠ• Transactions - allows users to change each other's variables.
ᅠ• Messages - allows you (or your user) to send a message to a specified recipient at the click of a button.
ᅠ• Texts - allows you to assign values ​​to Text variables by pressing a button by the user of the bot.
ᅠ• Cleanups - clears the data in the selected variable, returning its value to the NOT initialized state.

❖ Functionality for groups

Subscription check - the user will be able to use the bot or have access to certain sections only if he is subscribed to the channels or groups you specified.
Instant unsubscribe check - if a user has unsubscribed from a group or channel, the bot will instantly respond to this in the way you specified.
Anti-spam - a set of features that protect your group from spam.
Anti-Arab/Ethiopian - a set of features that protect your group from messages in these languages.
Group moderator - a set of functions for moderating groups (deletes system messages, etc.).
Automatic acceptance of requests for joining a group - the bot will automatically accept requests for membership.
Triggers - the ability to access the buttons and messages of the bot from the group.
Greeting with inline - greeting message in the group.
Ban users and temporary RO - the ability to ban and mute users in a group.
Media settings - fine-tuning the media allowed in the group.
Premium content - the ability to prohibit sending premium content to a group.

❖ Advertisement Market

Advertisement Market: 1,200,000 users - an opportunity to voluntarily (!) earn money by receiving advertising in your bot, as well as send your ads to other bots whose owners are willing to voluntarily (!) accept it. 
ᅠ• Advertising mailing
ᅠ• Earnings on ad showing
ᅠ• Earnings on the referral system
ᅠ• Message rating system
ᅠ• Automatic accrual to the balance
ᅠ• Advanced statistics

❖ Shop

The ability to create online shops inside your bot.
• Categories
• Items (Products)
• Cart
• Customer profile
• Order management
• Accepting payments and paying from the balance

❖ Plans and ongoing development

ᅠ• Ability to work with external APIs
• Ability to interact with Chat-GPT