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What is MenuBuilderBot?

Features of MenuBuilderBot, its advantages and abilities.

Manuals-Square-Telegram.pngCreate your bot right in Telegram!

You will NOT need any Web application.
All you need is Telegram and the Internet.
You no longer depend on restrictions and external services!
All tools are in a familiar messenger interface.
Using bot in Telegram - create it in Telegram too!

Manuals-Square-Smartphone.pngAll you need is a phone!

You will NOT need a computer.
Work when it suits you.
Work where it suits you.
With the MenuBuilderBot constructor, you are no longer tied to your workplace, home, computer or even laptop - everything is in your phone!

Manuals-Square-Pencil.pngCreate a bot - Easy!

You do NOT need programming knowledge.
Add your bot to the constructor and you are ready to go!
Create a menu in a few clicks.
Filling your bot with content as easy as it is to send a Telegram message!
Create Feedback Forms - get answers and communicate with your users right in the bot!


Huge amount of functionality! 

STANDARD features: needed in every project - easy to add and customize!
VERSATILE features: these are building blocks that allow you to build your own solutions!
Create support bots and catalogs for your business, bonus distribution bots, lotteries, investment and airdrop bots, bots for working in groups and channels.

Manuals-Square-Free.pngCreate a bot for free!

Free bot with no time or user limits.
All basic functions for your bot are available for free and will remain so - for as long as you need!
Create a professional bot - Free!

Manuals-Square-Bitcoin.pngEverything you need for commercial projects!

Paid functionality - will allow you to realize ANY of your desires!
Flexible and HONEST payment system: you pay only for what you use and how much you use!
There is NO MONTHLY FEE in the bot, most of the functions are paid only ONCE, the rest - ONLY if used.
Many payment methods, including cryptocurrencies.

Manuals-Square-Calendar.pngWeekly updates!

Every week we add new features and announce them in the news channel.
In addition to scheduled updates, we are constantly adding features at the request of community members. Everyone can offer a new feature, and if it fits into the project development paradigm, it will most likely be added. It is possible to request a paid creation of the functionality you personally need.

Manuals-Square-Phone.pngDocumentation and technical support.

A large amount of documentation on all system functions, as well as video tutorials, has been created for the constructor. There are public technical support groups in Russian and English. Group administrators are strict but answer absolutely ALL questions and are always ready to point you in the right direction. To figure out any individual questions, there is a bot of direct communication with admins. There is a possibility of individual paid assistance and even the creation of a bot according to your request.

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