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How your MenuBuilderBot account works

What is an Account in the MenuBuilderBot project

In the @MenuBuilderBot system, you are identified by the ID of your Telegram account or by a unique UserCode that is generated on its basis in the project itself. Bots and wallet balances added from it are linked to the account.

IN OTHER WORDS: 1. In the MenuBuilderBot system you are represented by your Telegram account.
2. Different accounts are NOT RELATED to each other.
3. You can have as many Telegram accounts in your application as you like, but for the MenuBuilderBot system, any other account means a different person.
4. Do not come to project's support from one of your multi-account to discuss the problem of another.
5. If you have replenished the balance of the wallet on one account, do not expect that the funds will appear on another or on all of them and do not come to support with it.

Who owns the bot

All bots added with the MenuBuilderBot system are linked to an account. The bot owner is the account through which the bot was added to the MenuBuilderBot system - the ACCOUNT who directly sent the token (API key) through the @MenuBuilderBot head bot. At the same time, it IS NOT IMPORTANT in which account the bot's address was actually created in @BotFather. The only way to prove ownership of the bot is to contact support from the account through which this bot was added to the MenuBuilderBot system. Account identified by its Telegram ID. Do not write to support from other accounts - it is useless and may lead to ban.

If you have lost access to your account, then you no longer have rights to those bots that were added to the MenuBuilderBot system through this account. Even if you have saved access to the account on which the bot was created in @BotFather. Owning a bot token (API key) also does NOT make you its owner in the MenuBuilderBot system.

The only way to prove the ownership of the account, the balances of its wallets and, accordingly, all the bots, is to write to our support bot from the account WHICH IS THE BOT's ACTUAL OWNER. In all other cases, NOBODY will discuss anything with you.

The reasons for such an approach are that both - bots and the accounts themselves are sold and transferred to each other under different conditions and in different ways, which we have neither will nor opportunity to delve into.

Linked recovery account

If you have reasons to believe that you can lose access to your account and at the same time you do not want to lose the bots created on it - you can "Bind" two different accounts - by creating an account for recovery. If you lose access to your primary account, the "linked" account will give you the opportunity to prove ownership of it. Write to support from the linked recovery account and explain that you are writing from the recovery account. The import of the bot to a new account is carried out on a general basis.

You can link two accounts at @MegaHubSupportBot.