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How to create your first bot

How to add your first bot to the MenuBuilderBot constructor

1. Go to the main bot of the project:
@MenuBuilderBot > Manage Bots > Add Menu-Bot.

2. Read the instructions that the bot will send you.

3. If necessary, create a new address for the bot (if the address has already been created, copy the API key, skipping this step).
3.1. Go to @BotFather
3.2. Press START
3.3. Send a command to the bot /newbot
3.4. Enter the name of the new bot (in any language)
3.5. Specify the address of the new bot in Telegram (only English letters, underscore "_" and the word "bot" at the end)
3.6. Copy the received token (API key)
3.7. Go back to the head bot @MenuBuilderBot.

The token (API key) consists of the bot ID and the Key itself - everything that needs to be copied will be highlighted with special copied text - do not change or add anything in it - just copy it.

4. Send the (copied earlier) API key to the bot.

If everything is done correctly, then a moment after sending, the Head Bot (@MenuBuilderBot) will send you a message stating that your new bot has been added. The message will also contain the address of the added bot. You need to GO TO THIS ADDRESS. All the main work on creating a bot will now be carried out directly on the newly added address.

All basic settings and functions of the bot that are available initially and necessary for creating your first bot can be found in the section Basic Functions . However, before starting, we strongly recommend that you fully read the materials of this section for beginners.