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How to purchase additional functionality

To purchase the functionality, go to your bot:
☞ 🔐Admin | 🧩Extensions

IMPORTANT: The purchase of functionality for the bot is available only to the Creator (owner) of the bot. Admins CANNOT buy functionality!

All extensions are divided into areas of application.

There are two main ways to provide functionality:
1. Provided for one bot.
2. Provided for account (for all bots of the account).

If the bot is deleted, the extensions that were provided to the bot will disappear.
Extensions purchased for an account will remain on the account as long as the account itself exists.
In case of deletion or loss of control over the account, ALL purchased functions are lost.

In addition, there are several approaches to providing functionality:

1. Lifetime - a function purchased once (per bot or account) remains for the entire lifetime of the Bot or Account.

2. With periodic payment - the function will work until the moment the payment is made (usually monthly).

3. By the number of uses:

  • Updated every month - the feature has a set number of uses (usually per month) and is updated every month - no accumulation.
  • Without updating - the functionality is initially purchased for a certain number of uses - after the exhaustion of this amount, the function stops working or slows it self down.

The way in which particular function being provided is ALWAYS indicated in its description upon acquiring.

To purchase, find the extension you need, CAREFULLY READ ITS DESCRIPTION and if it suits you, purchase by clicking the appropriate command. You must have sufficient funds in your TMH wallet to purchase a feature.

If you missed the previous page and do not know what TMH is, return using link and check it out.

And so, now you know how to add a new bot to MenuBuilderBot, how your account works, how to replenish your wallets, what TMH is, how to exchange it and purchase the necessary functionality. It's time to talk about bots import so later we can move to Advertising Market.