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What happens if you don't use created bot

If my bot is deleted... A large number of bots are created in the system every day, some of them are further developed and continue to work, and some are abandoned and are no longer used by their creators. For this reason, the system has a mechanism of abandoned bots automatic cleanup. This article talks about the unused bot removal policy, how and when unused bots are removed, and what to do if your bot was removed due to non-use.

An abandoned bot is a bot that no one uses: 
• neither the creator (owner) himself
• nor added admins
• none of the bot's users
• and the bot does not work in a group
None of them launched it, never pressed any button its menu and did not send commands to the bot.

3-6 months of inactivity (archive)

The bot is archived and can no longer be launched by you from the system.
You can activate such a bot by contacting support (see address below).
• Free bots (bots where additional features have not been purchased) - are restored on a paid basis. 
• Paid bots (bots where additional features were purchased) - are restored free of charge.

6-12 months of inactivity (deletion)

The bot is removed from the archive and, in some cases, saved in backup copies (Backups) of the system itself.
Restoring deleted bots:
• Free bots (bots where additional features have not been purchased) - restoration is not possible, such bots are not saved in the backup.
• Paid bots (bots where additional features were purchased) - upon first reference, the restoration of such bots is free of charge. When you comeback with the same problem second time and more - it is paid. The cost of restoration work will be announced to you when contacting support (see address below).

12 months or more (backup)

Recovery of bots even with paid functionality is NOT guaranteed, and is carried out on a paid basis. The possibility of recovery depends on the availability of the backups themselves.

You can contact support with a question about restoring only from the account that was the owner of the bot at the time of its deletion - when contacting about restoring from another account, the request will not be considered.

How your account works and who owns the bot, see the link.

For all recovery questions, please contact the support bot: