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Autopayments - Cryptomus [in Admin]

Guide for self-assist activation of auto payments in Cryptomus.

CRYPTOMUS - allows your bot to automatically accept payments and credit their amounts to the balances of users in the bot, generating, for each user, individual wallet addresses to make a payment.
● Payment system address:

AUTO PAYMENTS (accepting payments)
● Identification: Personal Crypto Wallet Address.

📆 Payment: FREE OF CHARGE.
🔧 Setting up activation: 🔐Admin | 💸Autopayments

● Auto withdrawal: Available (paid separately✱)
● Payouts are made to external wallets (the user does not need to have an account with Cryptomus).
📆 Paid monthly (the current cost see while paying).
📞 Connection request: via the bot @MegaHubSupportBot section: «🤑 Manage «Auto Withdrawals» in Your Bot».

✱At the moment, connecting and paying for Automatic Withdrawals is carried out manually (perhaps in the future this process will be automated).

IMPORTANT: The Service is provided by a Third Party and the terms and conditions of its provision do not depend on us. In this regard, the Service is provided "as is" in a FREE OF CHARGE mode as long as we ourselves are able to access the Service on the existing terms. In the event that a Third Party's terms and conditions change, we reserve the right to change our terms and conditions.

Thus, the feature may be disabled at any time and the terms and conditions we currently use to provide it may be reviewed and changed with or without notice.

The Cryptomus system has a mandatory binding of domains / bots and pre-moderation. When obtaining an API token, keep in mind that the Cryptomus System, according to representatives, is focused on completely legal projects, therefore, for ambiguous projects, the probability of access denial is the highest. When applying for moderation, try to indicate the address of your bot as the address of the project; it is clear that the contents of the bot must correspond to certain general ideas about normality, at the same time your bot must be in such a state of readiness that the moderator can evaluate its contents and purpose.

When we start talking about autopayments in this guide, we assume that you already have a basic knowledge of how to work with the constructor and we do not need to explain to you, for example, how buttons and messages are added to your bot's menu. If, nevertheless, you still need to be explained these basic things, then you way too early attempting to create the autopayment functionality.

❖ Autopayments (accepting payments)

How to organize automatic acceptance of CRYPTOMUS payments in your bot.

Required Functions

When working with automatic Balance top-up using the Cryptomus payment system, it is recommended to use variables to store addresses generated and received by users.

For each user, the Cryptomus payment system generates an individual wallet address for replenishing the Balance. The address of this wallet for each user can be stored in a separate Address Variable. If your user has forgotten the address of his individual wallet, you can always instantly show it in the Bot in a message or in the Address Request Button. However, these addresses may not be saved. In this case, payments will still be processed correctly, however, in order to find out their previously generated address, the user will either need to search for it in the bot's history, or make a new request and wait 2-5 minutes, since the request will again go through the payment system.

The functionality of the «🧩Extensions» section:
if you do not use a variable
balance for accruals, then you will need additional variables.
additional variables to store user's wallets addresses.

Add. Variables
To connect, go to your bot:
☞ 🔐Admin | 🧩Extensions | 📂Variables

Guide to Variables.

Autopayments setup

1. Checker settings

Using the setup wizard, enter all the requested data.

1.1 Account Identifier - MERCHANT_ID

1.2 Payment Token - Payment API_KEY

IMPORTANT: There are two types of API_KEY in the system.
● The first one - «Payment API_KEY» - is needed to accept payments and is configured in the Merchant's properties.
● The second one is «Payout API_KEY» - it is needed for payouts and is generated in the profile settings.
At the moment, we are talking about the FIRST type of key.

To receive this data:
1.2.1 Go to, section
• «Merchants» (left bottom panel)
Create new Merchant by pressing «+»
• Select «Payment by API»

Follow wizard and Set up all the necessary data.
1.2.2 Go to your Merchant «Settings» to get MERCHANT_ID.
• And than Generate Payment API_KEY by following instructions.

As a website address for creating a Payment API_KEY, you can use the address of your bot in the format:
For description, come up with something more or less adequate: 1-2 words is fine.
Official video:

One Merchant can only be used in ONE bot. One Merchant - One Bot.

2. Extend Time

Click «Extend Time» to enable the checker and continue setting up.

Since the Cryptomus payment system is provided FREE OF CHARGE, you do not need to pay for it, but you need to periodically extend the time of activation. This was done in order to exclude unused bots, abandoned by their owners from processing.

3. Activate the checker (Disable checker)

When you Extending Time for the first time, the Checker will be activated automatically. It can be turned on and off as needed.

4. Balance in XXXX

It is necessary to set variables - where to accrue funds for each of the available currencies.

4.1 Specify the variable to be accrued.

For more information on specifying variables for accrual, see the TRON manual.

4.2 (OPTIONAL) Specify a variable to store the user's wallet address or click «Do Not Use» if you won't store wallet addresses in the bot.

If you decided to use variables for autopayments, here you must specify a variable to store the wallet address of the user for the network you have chosen (BTC, ETH, LTC, TRON, BSC, DASH).

Personal Crypto Address for every network, must be stored in a separate individual, TEXT variable of every user.

As long as addresses of the wallets are the same within one network (blockchain), no matter how many currencies (tokens) are actually presented in the blockchain, you can use ONE variable for every Network.
For example:
In Tron network, TRX and USDT-TRC20 - are sharing the same Crypto Address so you don't have to create a separate variables to store wallet addresses. Same applies to Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and Ethereum (ERC20).
Basically you need to create ONE variable per network (blockchain).

4.3 Specify the accrual rate.

For more information on specifying accrual rate, see the TRON manual.

IMPORTANT: PayID for each of the currencies will be generated after the variable setting is completed and shown in the information message when entering the autopayment settings of this system.

5. Show Total

Enables and disables the display of the total amount on the wallet balance during autopayment.

For more information about showing the total amount, see the TRON manual.

Set up a report group for autopayments

During autopayments, reports with the data of a specific top-up will be sent to the group you specified.

For more information on setting up a report group, see the TRON manual.

How to organize Cryptomus Autopayments in your bot's menu

How to organize auto payment through Cryptomus.

If you have already enabled CRYPTOMOS automatic payments in your bot, you need to create a way for people (your users) to automatically top-up. What is needed for this:

All you need in the bot is to create a menu with «Address» type buttons to generate individual Crypto Wallet Addresses for each NETWORK where you accept payments.

Since wallet addresses in one network (blockchain) are the same - no matter how many currencies (tokens) are actually represented on this blockchain, you can use one button for each NETWORK - i.e. there is no need to create a separate button for each currency (token) - unless, of course, this is needed due to the specifics of your project.
For example:
in the Tron network, TRX and USDT-TRC20 are sharing the same crypto address, so you do not need to create separate buttons. The same applies to Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and Ethereum (ERC20).
In general, you need to create ONE button per NETWORK (blockchain).

1. Create, in the bot, the number of buttons you need to generate Crypto wallet Addresses, according to the number of networks or currencies, from those that you have specified when activating autopayments and planning to accept for payment. To do this, an appropriate number of slots for such buttons will be added to your bot. Each of the currencies (networks) you specify will be assigned its own "PayID".

Usually the number of added "Address Buttons" is sufficient and corresponds to the number of currencies you accepting in your bot. If, for some reason you need more buttons, then just contact support using the special form for questions about Autopayments and ask to add the necessary amount.

2. In order to create buttons for generating Wallet Addresses, create a regular button than go to its settings and click:
«Assign Address».
• Then follow the instructions of the Setup Wizard.

3. Create buttons for each of the currencies you specified, assigning each with the corresponding PayID issued to you.

The accrual and wallet storing variables are ALREADY associated with the corresponding PayID.

FOR REFERENCE: see how Cryptomus autopayment is organized in our system.
To do this, go to your bot:
🔐Admin | 🧩Extensions | 🏦Your Wallets | 💳Top-up | Use Personal Crypto Address

Peculiarities of Cryptomus

● All deposits in Cryptomus are made through the "Merchant" you have created (the one with an API key). Thus, in order to withdraw funds from your "Business Wallet", you must first move them to your "Personal Wallet" within Cryptomus.
● Cryptomus has the minimum amounts for top-ups and it is different for every currency - just check those and inform your users.
● For the replenishment of "Merchant's" balance, Cryptomus itself takes 2%, so the actual amount will always be lower than the one you see being topped-up. You can pay this fee yourself, or you can add 2% your custom "currency rate" in order cover the difference.

❖ Autowithdrawals (payouts)

Withdrawals (semi-automatic)

If you have Autopayments functionality, you may need a button to withdraw funds. The button allows you to automatically debit funds from the variable you specify where the user’s Balance is stored. The actual transfer of funds to the user’s external wallet is carried out manually by the administrator. The button allows you to partially facilitate the withdrawal process by limiting yourself to solely transfers, as well as maintaining a kind of history (Log) of withdrawals in a separate group where withdrawal requests will be send.

For more information about working with the Withdraw Button, see the manual.

Withdrawal of funds (automatic with admin confirmation)

Automatic withdrawal functionality is available for the CRYPTOMUS payment system.

IMPORTANT: Do not try to negotiate the connection of Automatic Withdrawals until you fully understand how the «Withdraw Button» works in semi-automatic mode.

If you have fully understood how the Withdraw Button works - you have at least one such button connected, configured and already working for some time, you can consider the option of activating automatic withdrawals.

Data required for the Auto-Withdrawal function to work

For the CRYPTOMUS system: 
 • Generate a separate "payout" token.

How to connect withdrawal of funds in automatic mode

1. Log into your CRYPTOMUS wallet that you use for Autopayments.
2. Generate a separate "payout" token.
3. Go to the bot @MegaHubSupportBot section: «🤑 Manage «Auto Withdrawals» in Your Bot».|
4. Read and agree to all Terms (done once).
5. Select the desired system to place an order to activate Automatic Withdrawals.
6. Top up the TMH wallet of your account with the specified amount (payment is done monthly, in manual mode at this time. Payment for the first month is a connection fee and is NOT refundable, even if you change your mind about using Auto Withdrawals).
7. Enter all the data necessary for connection and send a request to activate Automatic Withdrawals.

8. Wait for a response from the Admins about the activation of Automatic Withdrawals (a sign of activation may be the appearance of a PayID list for each of the currencies you specified in the «💸 Autopayments» section for the system you have chosen).

9. After activation, go to the «💸 Autopayments» section.
10. Select the section of the payment system you just activated for Automatic Withdrawals.
1. For each currency you use, in the «Balance XXX» button, indicate the MAXIMUM amount available for automatic withdrawals (payouts).

Indicating the maximum amount available for automatic withdrawals is necessary in order to minimize the possible consequences of errors in accidental or thoughtless confirmation of payouts. Auto-withdrawals are irreversible. That is why, we suggest you withdraw large amounts manually in a semi-automatic mode.

12. In the settings of the «Withdraw Button», the «Set PayID» section will appear - allowing you to associate a specific Withdraw Button with a specific currency. One button works with one currency.
13. After setting, BE SURE to test the operation of the button on a small amount.
14. A reminder about monthly payment will be sent to the @MegaHubSupportBot bot and/or to the head bot @MenuBuilderBot of the project.

IMPORTANT: If your Automatic Withdrawals functionality was disabled for non-payment, reconnection is paid separately from the monthly fee.