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Module of moderation


The button contains basic moderation settings:

Delete Events

When enabled, the bot will delete all system messages (User joined the group, User left the Group, etc.).
Off ⏹️ - the function is disabled.
On ▶️ - the function is enabled.

Accept Join requests

When enabled, the bot will automatically accept join requests in groups that require sending requests before user joins.
Off ⏹️ - the function is disabled.
On ▶️ - the function is enabled.

Contact upon request

Bot can contact users who sent a join request to a chat where the bot is an admin - even if the user never interacted with the bot before.

The message added here will be shown to the user who sent the request to join the chat where your bot is working. You can use an image in this message. Delete the message you've added earlier, in order to stop you bot contacting new users.

IMPORTANT: The user account will NOT become a bot user automatically. The user will have to start the bot personally and deliberately, using the inline button below the message, added automatically by the bot. Therefore, in the message you created, give good reasons for joining the bot and ask to click on the inline button. It is IMPOSSIBLE to change the text on the inline button, as well as it is IMPOSSIBLE to add a user to the bot automatically (it was impossible, it is impossible now and it will not be possible in the future, neither paid, nor if it is very necessary, but for ETHICAL reasons).

Moderator Commands

This functionality has no settings and therefore is not presented as buttons.

IMPORTANT: the bot responds to commands sent by GROUP's admins. That is, it does not matter whether the user is an admin in the bot - he will be able to use moderation commands ONLY if he is an admin in the GROUP.

Certain functions and commands may require specific permissions from the Group Administrator.

This is due to the fact that one bot can work in several groups and not always, users who are admins of the bot must have rights to manage all these groups. That is why the admin status is determined in the group's settings, and not in the bot settings.

FAILURES: If your bot does not respond to the commands of the newly added admin of the group, refresh the list of the admins for the bot by sending command:
to the group's chat.

The bot can restrict users in Super-groups (only in super-groups) - in regular groups Telegram does not provide the ability to restrict users.

Moderator commands (system commands) begin with "!" (exclamation mark) and are sent in response (reply) to the message of the user who needs to be restricted.

Any word or message starting with "!" if sent as a response to a user's message, will NOT reach the user. This is done in order not to confuse the user with technical information in case of typos or errors of any kind made in Commands or Triggers.


Allows you to find out the Telegram ID of a user with a hidden account in the group - if sent as Reply to a user's message.

The bot's response with the user's data will be sent to the chat with the bot itself. This is done in order to maintain confidentiality.


The command allows you to restrict the user's right to write in the group.

Mute - speechless (eng). AKA: "RO" - read only.

Requires "Blocking Users" group admin permission to use.

Will FOREVER prohibit this user from writing in your group. Use carefully.

To temporarily restrict the user in the right to write to the group, use an additional numeric parameter:

TEMPORARILY (for XX days) will limit the user's right to write in your group.
For example:
!mute 10
Mute a user for 10 days.

TEMPORARILY (for the specified period z) will restrict the user's right to write in your group.
Numerical parameter modifiers:
d - day
w - week
m - month
y - year
For example:
!mute 2w
Mute a user for 2 weeks (14 days).

Please note that if the limitation period is more than 365 days (1 year), then the user will be limited forever - in accordance with the Telegram API settings.

Mute (RO - read only) does NOT remove the user from the group and does NOT prohibit him from reading messages. The user will just not be able to write to the group chat.

The command !mute supports comments. Additional text can be specified after the mute time.
For example:
!mute 7d flood and spam
In this case, the user will lose the right to write in the group, and as a response, a message will be displayed:

"Read only 7 days (until flood and spam"

The language of the message will depend on the language of the menu set in your bot.

If the mute failed for some reason (wrong command, error, or something else) - the bot will display a "fail" message in the chat.
Works ONLY for group's admins regardless of the bot settings and triggers.


Requires "Blocking Users" group admin permission to use.


Requires "Blocking Users" group admin permission to use.


Requires "Blocking Users" group admin permission to use.


In response to a message from a user in the group, send this Group System Command followed by the desired text. The bot will delete your message and reply to the user on its own behalf.
For example:
!reply text
Will send "text" on behalf of the bot in response to the user's message.

You can send messages to a group on behalf of a bot also without a specific addressee. To do this, just start your message with this Group System Command.